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Pray for Kerala, but also Help!

God's own country is suffering and feels like God has gone away on vacation. Not being sarcastic, but this is the reality. Life has come to a standstill in Kerala with flooding and landslides, leading to more than 100 deaths and lakhs of people rehabilitated is relief camps. With red alert issued and more rain predicted, many of the roads are shut because of flooding and the main airport has reportedly been shut until 26th August. Hundreds of troops have been deployed to rescue the people caught up in the flooding, alongside helicopters and lifeboats.

Lets Celebrate Multilinguism Around The World & our Semmozhi

International Mother Language Day 2018

Languages are the most powerful way to preserve and develop culture and to promote it all across the world. Language, much like society, evolves with time. But sadly, many languages disappear with time. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) says that one language disappears on average every two weeks. There are more than 7,000 languages in the world with India alone having about 22 recognised officially languages, 1635 rationalised languages, 234 identifiable languages, according to the latest data available from Census 2001.

Tamil Chair Inc.

Tamil Chair Inc.

Tamil Chair Inc. is a non-profit organisation that is currently working on fund raising for Harvard Tamil Chair. Two of the main donors Dr. Vijay Janakiraman and Dr. Sundaresan Sambandam are part of the Harvard Tamil Chair who initiated the Chair with seed money.

What does a chair mean?

An endowed chair is an academic unit under a specific department in an institution of higher education to teach and research, with the financial support of donors and it lasts indefinitely.


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